Horse racing and Math

Math can be used in any sport, and this includes horse racing. If you want to keep it safe, it is a good idea to rely on unbeatable facts, like mathematical calculations. However, this does not mean that a simple formula is enough to help you win every time. You also need to understand how this type of betting works. To make things clear, there are 5 variables that you need to consider:

A – Analyze the last 5 races and calculate the average time based on the track variant and length;

B – Calculate the average amount the horse won so far this year and last year;

C – The winnings percentages for the current year and last year. Don’t forget to analyze both the places and the show;

D – The number of days since last race took place;

E – The post position.

You need to apply these 5 variables on all horses that will be involved in the race. As it can be seen, it is not a simple task, it takes time, but it indicates which horse is prone to be the winner.

To make things even more comprehensive, based on the results you get, you can calculate the number of lengths finished (by the horses you find relevant) behind the winner. At the same time, don’t forget that a win by a nose it is quite different than a win by 5 lengths, for example.

However, these are variables that can help you make safe predictions. Another interesting mathematical formula that you can use is presented in the following video:

Besides formulas, several other aspects need to be considered when dealing with horse racing. You can either go to the tracks and spend a lot of money on transport and accommodation or bet from home. If you decide to test your skills online, Sportingbet can be a great place to get started. Furthermore, you can use the promotional code MAXBONUS and receive 100% of your initial deposit. As there are up to £25 in free bets, you can do the maths from here, regarding your chances of winning.